Global Transparency Track – Tools created at the hackathon

What was the Global Tranparency Track about?

This track focuses on the accessibility of information on the Internet. The purpose is to use the data made available by the Google Transparency Report or other sources like Twitter and research undertaken by groups like, for example, the OpenNet Initiative and Herdict to create new visualisations showing the consequences of censorship and barriers to the free flow of information online, and ensuring users and policy makers get a fuller picture how the Internet is shaped by laws and other government actions.

For the Global Transparency Track, the following resources were made available to the applicants:

The tools and visualisations created can be found below (please check for regular updates)


1st Prize: Beat the Censor, UN-Team (Sven Clement, Hauke Gierow, Stefan Wehrmeyer) – Luxembourg And Germany. ‘Beat the Censor’ game. Full description here.

2nd Prize: Niels Rasmussen – Denmark. Transparency Quiz. Full description here.

3rd Prize: Team Indigeni Digitali (Giuliano Iacobelli, Alessandro Manfredi, Claudio Squarcella, David Funaro, Matteo Collina) – Italy. Full description here.


Team Bryk (Piotr Bryk, Adam Furmanek, Bartlomiej Szczepanik )- Poland. OpenPM. See full description here.

Team (Toon Vanagt, Eric Rodriguez) – Belgium. Real Time Transparency Infographic  &  Instant Website Check. See full description here.

Team Narinc ‘2 Many Brothers’ (Dogan Narinc, Pierre Narinc) – France. Transparent Reading. See full description here!

Team Chokepoint (Chris Pinchen, Ruben Bloomgarten, James Burke, Javier Arturo Rodriguez, Simon Funke, Florian Rathgeber) – UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany . Connectivity Status. See full description here.

Team Malavolta (Ivano Malavolta, Mirco Franzago, Vasco Gallotti, Daniele Orlando) – Italy. Gov Activity Dashboard. See full description here.