Internet Quality Track – Tools created at the Hackathon

 What was this track about?

This track focuses on visualization of broadband measurements collected by M-Lab. The purpose is to make network performance clear to the average Internet user. In particular, participants could contribute to one of the following areas:

  • Build compelling visualizations.
  • Build innovative and user-friendly multi-platform interfaces for existing M-Lab measurement tools in order to help Internet users understand the quality of their own connections.

The following resources were made available to the applicants:


The tools and visualisations created can be found below (please check for regular updates)


1st Prize: Team Ferioli (Federica Cau, Pasquale De Luna and Nicola Ferioli) – Italy. Internet Performance Analysis. Full description here.

2nd Prize: Team Maggi (Federico Maggi, Roman Kochanek, Francesco Roveta, Alessandro Frossi, Alberto Volpatto) – Italy. Visualizing Internet PERformance (VIPER). Full description here.

3rd Prize: Team Artimon (Alexandru Artimon, Ionut Dobre, Florin Barhala, Walter Schneider) – Romania. ISP Rate service  mobile app. Full description here.



Tony Blank – USA. Glasviz Visualisation. Full description here.

Team Malik (Wasif Riaz Malik, Ahmad Nazir, Ying Liu and Zhenhua Xu) – Pakistan and China. IQT mobile app. Full description here.

Eduardo Graells Garrido – Chile. Ananke Website. Full description here.

Team TU Delft (Hadi Asghari, Arman Noroozian) – The Netherlands. Statistics on Deep Packet Inspection. Full description here.

Team Müffke (Friedger Müffke, Jan-Pieter Vandormael) – Germany, Belgium. Fragsquare gamification of internet quality in your vicinity.  Full description here.